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The Dashboard

The dashboard makes it easy to see all your important information at a glance. Keep up to date with messages and activities posted by your co-parent and others. See your calendar and expenses. You can even customize your dashboard to show the information that’s most important to you.


At a glance everyone can see where the kids are meant to be and where they are going. No need to dispute dates and times. Keep track of everything on a daily, weekly and monthly level. Retain a full history of dates and appointments. Any caregivers can be given access, so the kids and you always know where they are and who they’re with.

Keeping track of everything is hard at the best of times. Keeping a schedule as a co-parent is even harder. Two Hands makes it easier by providing a single calendar for everything on your schedule. You can share events you wish to and keep others private. You can make requests for changes right within the app. This will cut back on miscommunication and ensure that everyone knows what is happening.


Money and expenses are always contentious areas in any divorce. Two Hands makes these more transparent and easier to see and understand. All parties can know where money is spent and by who. It is also a great tool for budgeting. You can post payments and transfers right within the app. All transactions are dated and are easy to review later.


You can quickly and easily send messages from right within the app. No need for phone calls, emails and texts. You can send messages to your kids, your ex or any contact in the app. You can even send a message to a group of contacts. It’s never been easier to keep in contact. All messages are archived and accessible, allowing you to easily refer back to prior conversations.


Just because your children aren’t with you doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to keep up to date on what they are up to. The journal allows co-parents and others to add photos, video and more. Did one of you have a meeting with a teacher? You can share the conversation here. Did your child say something adorable? Add it to the Journal so everyone can enjoy. Two Hands makes it easier to share anything in our simple to use shared journal.

Information Center

Never forget shoe sizes or bank account numbers. Create a profile and securely store all your important information. As with all everything in the Two Hands app you decide who gets access to what information. Everything you upload is securely encrypted on our servers but is easily accessible to you when you need it.


You can share photos and videos within Two Hands. All contacts can create albums and upload memories. You never have to miss out on those special times. Family members and caregivers can also be given access to the fun, funny and touching moments even if they are not there to see them. As with all parts of the Two Hands app you can control who has access and feel secure that your memories are safely stored on our servers.


Our unique timeline allows co-parents to filter any data within the application and print pdf reports in chronological order within seconds.

Actual Time

“Two Hand’s” tracks the visitation time spent with each parent our platform calculates the, hours and overnights spent with each parent and allows the parent to instantly see a childsactual time reported in real time.

There are even more feature than we can include here…

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