We don’t just love to eat, we absolutely have to eat. But, we’re not eating like we used to and we’re sure not shopping like we once did either. As people’s lives grow busier, and most live by a ‘time is money’ mentality, a lot of our grocery shopping now happens online.

The GoCart division — an innovative service that delivers fresh produce and groceries to your door. The demand for home deliveries of groceries has exploded in recent months, and GoCart aims to satisfy the fast-growing demand.

GoCart offers timely, next day, deliveries, unlike many company’s, which offer limited options, GoCart offers anything from specialty products to food staples—straight to your door. The company will deliver six days of the week from 8am to 8pm on your selected delivery day. GoCart is already equipped to handle deliveries to many neighborhoods, and that’s just the beginning.

GoCart delivers fresh produce and groceries to your door. The demand for home deliveries of groceries has exploded in recent months, and GoCart aims to satisfy the growing demand in Ontario.

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GoCart Saves Time

The average person spends about 130 hours a year at the grocery store— about 2.5 hours per week. The average time spent on a weekly online grocery shop is 15 minutes. Do the math…

Grocery shopping doesn’t begin when you step foot inside the store— it’s the drive to the shop, finding parking, finding the couscous (which seems to move frequently), waiting in line, driving home, and possibly driving back the next day for forgotten items too. This explains why men are more likely to shop online than women— the gender that spends more time at work on average. But this is not to say that those who spend more time at home do not require the convenience of online shopping. Have you witnessed a child meltdown at the store? My point exactly.

GoCart Saves Money

Now we can’t talk time without talking money. About 20% of people believe that shopping for groceries online definitely saves them money— in reality, the savings are probably much higher than many people realize.

Time is money. Not having to drive to the store several times a month can free up about $US640 in extra productivity, give or take. When it comes to more concrete measurements, we save an extra $US100 plus monthly by not paying for the extra gas or grabbing unnecessary impulse purchases.

GoCart Makes Eating Healthier Easier

With more data available than ever regarding what constitutes a healthy meal, people are now more health conscious than ever. Fad diet arguments aside, typically home cooked meals are healthier than what you’ll find at restaurants. This is probably why nearly 90 percent of Canadians cook dinner at home three or four times a week. And the top reason for not cooking at home? Canadians who don’t prepare their own meals claim they’re too busy. Since most people spend over 2.5 hours in grocery stores per week, I don’t really blame them.

Shopping for groceries online not only encourages busy people to cook at home, but it removes many of the temptations found at the store. For many people walking into a grocery store hungry, surrounded by cravings, is game over. Another added perk? You have more time to analyze nutrition labels, instead of feeling rushed to get through your list and get out.